Naturally Hardwood Smoked Sausage

Tasty, healthy and easy

Fast Fuel is a high-protein, low-calorie sausage snack, which makes it an easy choice over other snacking alternatives. All three great flavors meet USDA Smart Snack standards, so they’re perfect for school snack feeding programs.


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Features & Benefits

  • Meets the Smart Snack and CACFP guidelines
  • Trans fat free, gluten free, no MSG, BHT or BHA, binders or extenders
  • Real hardwood smoke flavor
  • Shelf-stable snack
  • 40 calories for beef, 35 for turkey and 45 for buffalo chicken
  • Portable
  • Only 200 mg of sodium per stick
  • Great for emergency feeding


Old Wisconsin fast fuel sticks EXCEED SMART SNACK STANDARDS

Smart snack standards

Old Wisconsin fast fuel sticks

Sodium levels under 230

Beef: 200mg sodium

Turkey Honey Brown Sugar: 200mg sodium

Buffalo Chicken: 200mg sodium

10% fat and less than 25% total fat, 0g trans fat

Beef: 1g total fat

Turkey Honey Brown Sugar: 1.5g total fat

Buffalo Chicken: 2g total fat

Less than 35% of the weight from total sugars

Beef: <1g sugar

Turkey Honey Brown Sugar: 3g sugar

Buffalo Chicken: 1g sugar