About Us

A legacy of excellence

Carl Buddig founded Carl Buddig and Company in 1943, bringing his namesake brand of sliced deli meats to millions of families across America. Over 75 years later, Carl Buddig and Company is still family owned and operated, even as we’ve expanded our portfolio of consumer brands and foodservice offerings. 

Thanks to our acquisition of the Old Wisconsin and Kingsford BBQ brands, we’re pleased to be able to offer consumers and foodservice partners alike a comprehensive selection of sliced deli meats, smoked sausage products and ready-to-eat BBQ entrees. We’re also proud of the private label opportunities our Pitmaster’s Pride line of restaurant-quality BBQ provides. 

We stand behind the quality of every product packaged at our Level 2 and 3 SQF-certified plants, and we take pride in the customer-first flexibility of our foodservice offerings, meal-kit/party tray solutions and other customizable products. With every order we fulfill, we make it our mission to set the industry standard for quality and professionalism.

Our family history

Since the late 1800s, the Buddig name has been synonymous with affordable, flavorful meats — a tradition we’re proud to uphold today.

Nourishing our world sustainably 

At Carl Buddig and Company, we believe we have the responsibility to produce our food sustainably, and our commitment to this principle goes back more than a decade. 

We take active measures to lower our carbon footprint, which include training our associates on lean manufacturing practices, reducing the amount of electricity consumed and exploring ways to partner with our suppliers to reduce and recycle the materials that are used in our processes. 

We are proud to say we are doing our part to ensure both our brands and the environment thrive — today and in the future.

Our story begins with family

While the Buddig name is on the packaging itself, it’s the thousands of dedicated workers who truly make us a family business. Watch the video to learn more about our story.